Welcome to Skeletons Among Us

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Skeletons Among Us, a fun and sometimes spooky place where you can explore archeology, visit skeletons in art, literature and music, and keep up to date with the latest Skeleton news.

We will also celebrate Skeleton holidays, such as January 10, when in 1983 a small bone that one must have to be able to speak was discovered in a 60,000 year old skeleton. The age of the skeleton raised the possibility that Neanderthals could make sounds that could be formed into words!

Called the hyoid, this small bone is shaped like a horse shoe, supports the tongue and lifts up the larynx. This hyoid was found in a cave in Mt. Carmel, Israel, in Middle Palaeolithic layers that date back 60,000 years, according to the researchers from Tel-Aviv University who made the discovery.

Come back here often to see what’s new.




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