Poll update: Swimmer pulls ahead! Possible upset. Earphones also pass Skateboarder

Hi everyone,

Ear Phones

The race is getting more interesting, now with eight votes, Swimmer is in the lead to be on a laptop sleeve or tablet skin, two votes ahead of Bathtub. Earphones leads Skateboarder to decorate smart phones.

We know some of you just found out about this exciting chance to help decide which images go on the new CyberINK smart phone and tablet skins and laptop sleeves. Welcome to the fun! The poll will run about another week to give you all time to vote.

Now, I would be the first to admit that I don’t know much about smart phones, tablets or any of the other new technology gadgets. Give me a cave wall or a series of grunts, hoots and hand gestures any day.

However, I’ve been asked to gather opinions on which of CyberINK’s skeleton images you would like to see on your iPhone, Blackberry, other smart phone, iPad, Kindle, Nook or other tablet or laptop.

The covers for phones and tablets will be skins; for the laptop it will be a zippered sleeve.

So please take a look at the choices and vote for your favorites.  The voting box for iPhones is in the left sidebar and the one for tablets and laptops is in the right sidebar. Thanks, Polldaddy!

Hairdryer Harriet

All participants will receive a free
Bathtub Billy poster
Just email me at info@cyberinkonline.com

– Lucy of Hadar

Bathtub Billy

Office Meeting

Walking the Dog

Dog Running

Red Shoe


The Swimmer



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