Skeletons of animals killed in the dinoasour extinction

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In a pit behind a shopping center in Mantua Township, New Jersey, archeologists have discovered skeletal remains of animals who appear to have died at the same time the dinosaurs went extinct.


This is the first time remains have been found of organisms living at that cataclysmic time, when a meteor hit the earth and wiped out 75 percent of all life on earth.

“In the end, if our work doesn’t find anything to disprove that, then this would be the only site in the world where we have fossils of organisms that actually died during that extinction event,” paleontologist Paul Ullmann told Yahoo News.

“And that would be really cool.”

The site has produced many other stunning prehistoric beasts, including those of huge sea creatures – the mosasaurs, which resemble giant Komodo dragons.

“Mosasaurs had teeth at the top of their mouths that point backward to help prevent prey from swimming out,” Drexel Professor Ken Lacovara said in an interview with Yahoo News. “They were really frightening sea monsters.”

Lacovara, the professor leading the dig team, said it was clear all the animals died at the same time because their bones are still put together.


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