And the winners for skins and sleeves are…


Bathtub Billy – Co-winner for tablets and laptops

Hi everyone,
Thanks so much for taking part in our contest to determine which Skeletons get to live on our new smart phone,  tablet and laptop skins and sleeves.

We have a tie between Bathtub Billy and The Swimmer for the tablets and laptops!  It seems only fair to use both designs to please the most people.

Ear Phones is the clear winner for smart phones with twice as many votes as the closest competitor, The Skateboarder.  We may do two designs for the phone, too!

Bathtubs and ear phones are unknown to me, but I loved to swim and to catch fish!  Fire had been discovered by then, and there’s nothing like fish cooked over a camp fire in the woods on a sunny day.

– Lucy of Hadar

Ear Phones – Winner for Smart Phones

The Swimmer – Co-winner for Tablets and Laptops